Audition registration for the 2024-25 UW Marching Band is currently open

Thank you for your interest in joining the UW Marching Band. Our band represents students from every corner of campus and we invite you to become a part of the tradition. Immerse yourself in the rich legacy of Camp Randall, where countless Badgers have left their mark through unforgettable performances. From thrilling halftime shows to creating an electric atmosphere on game days, the Badger Band is an integral part of Badger pride.

Prospective Badger Band members must attend Reg Week (pre-season rehearsals and auditions) on the UW–Madison campus. The first day of Reg Week is Tuesday, August 13, 2024. High school or other previous marching band experience is not a requirement to audition for the Badger Band. Fundamentals of the Badger Band’s marching style are taught during Reg Week, and additional instruction is available during the band’s Summer Clinics.

All individuals who are interested in auditioning for the 2024-25 Badger Band must fill out an Intent to Audition Form by August 10, 2024. If you require early move-in to on-campus housing during Reg Week, request it on the Intent Form by June 26, 2024.

Audition Information

Marching Audition

The marching audition happens during Reg Week. We teach all of the fundamentals leading up to the audition.
Additionally, we offer three free Summer Clinics throughout the summer. These clinics are designed to help prospective members familiarize themselves with our marching fundamentals before Reg Week

Music Audition (Drumline)

Prospective drumline members are required to attend at least one of our free Summer Clinics. Members must prepare the material outlined in the 2024-25 Marching Band Percussion Handbook. If possible, please bring your own sticks and mallets. University instruments will be provided upon acceptance into the band.

Music Audition (Brass & Woodwinds)

Click here for the full list of requirements and excerpts. Audition videos are due by Saturday August 10, 2024

Free Summer Clinics

Summer Clinics are required for prospective drumline members and are optional for prospective wind members.
These clinics focus on the band’s marching fundamentals and take place at the marching band field at UW Madison. Learn more and sign up to attend a Summer Clinic here


What is the difference between Marching Band and Varsity Band?

Marching Band is offered in fall semester, and Varsity Band is the spring semester course offering. Enrollment in Varsity Band is limited to those who have successfully auditioned and previously participated in fall Marching Band. Learn more about the specific courses here.

Can non-music major students be in the Marching Band?

Absolutely! We encourage students of all majors to audition. Around 95% of the marching band is comprised of non-music majors, with the most popular majors being engineering and biology.

What is the weekly time commitment?

Rehearsal times for each ensemble are listed here. During the academic year, there are no required extra rehearsals during the week. Game day rehearsals are required. During the spring semester, the Varsity Band often performs at athletic events or other events. The expectation is that members of the athletic bands program will perform for several events throughout the academic year.

Can students participate in Marching/Varsity Band as well as one of the concert ensembles during the same semester?

Many students do participate in both. Any scheduling conflicts are resolved on an individual basis during audition days prior to the start of fall semester.

What is the instrumentation of the UW Marching Band?

The band’s instrumentation includes: clarinets, alto saxophones, trumpets, flugelhorns, mellophones, trombones, euphoniums, sousaphones, and drumline. The UW Marching Band does not have piccolos, flutes, front line percussion, color guard, or twirlers.

Are school instruments available for band members to use?

All members of the UW Marching Band perform on University-owned instruments. University instruments are assigned upon successful audition into the band.